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No. of Ads. & Size

(1-3 months)
(Introductory Offer)

(Next 3 months)

(Subsequent 6 months)

Home Page

Banner at the top - 1
(60X468 pixels)

Rs 25000 P.M

Rs 12000 P.M

Rs 8000 P.M

Home Page

Banner at the
bottom - 1
(60X468 pixels)

Rs 12500 P.M

Rs 6000 P.M

Rs 4000 P.M.




Other pages








Banner at the bottom - 1
(60X468 pixels)

Rs 10000 P.M

Rs 4800 P.M

Rs 3200 P.M

Tower banner (right hand side) (120x240 pixels)



Rs 7500 P.M



Rs 3600 P.M



Rs 2400 P.M


The advertisement order along with the material must reach us at least 15 days in advance. The advt. will appear on Kashmir uzma On-Line subject to acceptance and the position being available.


Payments are to be made in advance favouring "Kashmir Uzma" by way of draft/cheque and sent along with the release order to Mr. Rashid Makhdoomi.  

For Further Details and booking Contact :-    webadvertising@kashmiruzma.net

Rates for Advertisements in GK & KU Publications.
Effective from 01st April,2014


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